STEP Leadership Program

STEP Leadership Program

The STEP Leadership Program provides employees with the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge about STEP programs and services across all Pathways to Success through critical thinking, discussions, and training provided by the STEP management team. Members are required to actively participate in an agency committee, and attend a STEP Board of Directors Meeting.

Cheryl Keeler, Head Start Home Visitor, attended the May 19, 2014 board meeting. In an interview following the meeting, Cheri noted that there was a lot of discussion, and although she had known some of the information already, some was new and at times she felt somewhat lost. “It was impressive. I honestly did not know what to expect,” she said


When asked about the Leadership Development Program, Cheri commented, “I have felt that I had been in a ‘Head Start’ bubble for so long. It was time I ventured out to learn about the other offices at STEP. I only knew a little about some of them.” She added that, although she still feels she has much more to learn, she now feels more confident in conversations with others about STEP. The program also helps her in her job. “The program is giving me more information that I might want to pass on to Head Start families as a customer service,” she explained.

The goal of Leadership Development Program is “for staff to gain, utilize, and communicate to other employees more knowledge of who we are as a community action agency and how decisions are made.” Cheryl’s comments reveal that she is making progress toward that goal.