Get Involved

How You Can Help

Much of what we do is funded through individual, local, state, and federal dollars, but as these funding sources are facing budget cuts, our ability to help people find their pathway to success is diminished. With your support, however, we can continue to work with EVERYONE who comes through our doors.

There are two ways you can get involved:
The easiest way to get involved is to become a donor, either as a Monthly Donor or by making an ANNUAL donation. Click here for more information on how to DONATE.

If you want to roll up your shirt sleeves, then you might want to consider becoming a STEP, Inc. VOLUNTEER. Most of our volunteers work either with the Office of Aging or with our Head Start program, though don't be surprised if we ask for volunteers in other areas as well!

Office of Aging Volunteers

In 2016, 665 Office of Aging volunteers contributed 41,089 hours, assisting with Senior Center activities, visiting homebound seniors, delivering meals-on-wheels, leading exercise activities, providing insurance counseling, and serving as ombudsmen.

Head Start Volunteers

In 2016, Head Start and Early Head Start volunteers contributed 16,240 hours assisting in classrooms, attending meetings and training sessions, participating in program decision-making, and accompanying classes on field trips.
729 volunteers provided training, program planning and governance, evaluation, and assistance with classroom activities.
117 Hours of service were contributed by Head Start parents and community representatives on the Policy Council. They played an essential role in program governance, program evaluation, approval of grant applications, hiring of staff, and approving program work plans.

For more information about VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES, call (570-326-0587).