Administrative Contacts

Jim Plankenhorn, President & CEO
Traci Lowe, Chief Financial Officer
Rachelle Abbott, Chief Operations Officer
Terry E. Roller, Chief Strategy Officer
Phillip Good II, Chief Information Officer
Bill Kelly, Chief Community & Economic Development Officer

Early Learning Pathway to Success
Carolyn Hawk, Director, STEP Head Start

Housing Options Pathway to Success
Cathy Stopper, Program Manager, STEP Utilities Assistance

Workforce Development Pathway to Success
Melisa Kerschner, Program Manager, STEP Child Care Information Services

Community Collaboration Pathway to Success
Emily Gale, Program Manager, STEP AmeriCorps

Independent Living Pathway to Success
Dan Merk, Program Manager, STEP Transportation
Fred Shrimp, Director, STEP Office of Aging

Human Resources
Jean Myers, Human Resources Operations Director